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About Us

About FitSquad

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As perhaps the longest-running and most trusted in-home personal training service across India there was the beginning where it all started.

FitSquad was created in 2020 by personal trainer Wasiq with his passion for fitness, health and wellness. His goal was to spread the idea of living a healthy lifestyle by exercising in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Personal training at home showed people how simple and effective an exercise program could be. What happened next was incredible!

Wasiq personally witnessed the results and massive transformations begin to happen to his clients. How? You may ask. The answer is surprisingly simple.

There were no more excuses. No more phrases like “I couldn’t get to the gym in time” “I had to pick up the kids”, or “it was a long day”.

The benefit of a gym was now in the comfortable setting of one’s home!

Why choose us ?

Why FitSquad

FitSquad’s approach is simple, yet effective. While many of their clients do possess some of their own exercise equipment, FitSquad stands behind the belief that initially using the human body to provide natural resistance allows the body to learn the fundamentals of any exercise routine. The goal is to get the body as strong as possible without the use of weights. From there you can incorporate weight lifting and resistance training to the benefit of our clients.

This is not the gym. There are no machines. Only the human body!

Now after more than 2 years, FitSquad has over 300 active clients with a growing team of certified in-home trainers that truly demonstrates the company’s commitment to always putting customers first by providing exceptional service.

Some of the diverse services offered include Fat shedding workouts, weight lifting programs, pre and post-rehab training, TRX workouts, yoga and more.

FitSquad is a company that strongly believes in health and wellness and does not believe in overly aggressive fitness consultants that are typically found in most gyms.

Our goal is to empower our clients so they remain motivated and have the knowledge to achieve great health always at their command.

Whether you’re a student, busy parent, senior, or bodybuilder, FitSquad will create a personalized program to ensure success.

The road to health and success awaits us all. Congratulations on taking the first steps to better health and FitSquad sincerely looks forward to guiding you along the way.

Mohd Wasiq CEO and Certified In Personal Trainer at FitSquad


Energize Your Life Today

Mohd Wasiq

FitSquad's Specialities

  • During the exercise sessions, we take every safety precaution and care.
  • You can do the workout at home or in a place you choose.
  • You can choose the workout schedule that suits you best.
  • Your medical history, exercise background, and goals & requirements will be incorporated into the exercise program.
  • Your trainer will keep you motivated and up-to-date throughout your workouts.
  • You get fast and satisfying results. There is no need to fast, eat artificial food supplements, or buy fancy accessories.
  • You can get back to your health with a rehabilitation workout after surgery, injury, delivery, or chronic illness.
  • Our general fitness menu: Yoga, Pilates and Aerobics. Cardio-kick boxing, Kalari (Traditional Martial Art of Kerala), Calisthenics. Vibration Training. Weight Training. You have many options to keep boredom away and your body in good shape.
  • We can help you choose the right nutritionist for your health.

Our Vision

Becoming the largest platform where each one of the fitness professionals is intensively knowledgeable with the scientific framework of physical fitness, biomechanics and nutritional requirements of any general person/athletes/sportspersons/medically compromised individuals and all those who need to be taken care of.

Our Mission

Our mission is to devoid health and fitness professionals of this shortcoming in knowledge and poor understanding which leads to unsafe applications, poor skill growth, inadequate expertise and slow career growth [financially, mentally, and physically].  Also, We believe that if we transform our ‘wish to do’ into ‘want to do’, we can achieve greater heights. And this transformation only comes from knowledge and understanding.

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