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Body Transformation Coach

Body Transformation Training Coach

If you want to get results in a short time, you can do it in a healthy way and without the rebound effect, with the Body Transformation coach.

Magic? Does not exist! Everything will be the result of your effort and dedication.

Body Transformation Program is the most demanding program that requires a commitment to yourself.

  • 100% personalized online program
  • 3 months duration
  • Periodic follow-ups
  • Direct contact with your teacher and your nutritionist
  • Guaranteed results
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    Daily Food Plan and practical recipes, to accompany training in a healthy way.
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    Adapted training routines , to do in a gym or at home, with explanatory graphics.
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    Personalized follow-ups by calls or via audio with each area.
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    Unlimited professional online assistance.
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    Unlimited Doubt Clearing Sessions.

Includes Custom Tracking!

The follow-up is a useful interaction tool between the user and the FitSquad professionals, where the process and the evolution of the program are analyzed. You can choose to receive it in Audio or through a phone call from our professionals.

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5 Pillars For You To Have The Desired Body

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    COACH: You will have the support of one of our coaches who transformed his own body, will give you information, and will help you put the transformation program into practice!
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    POWER MODEL: When you get lost and don't know what to eat, we will give you our diet model developed by a dietician, this diet is extremely nutritious and protein, leaving you extremely satiated, without feeling hungry and full of energy.
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    SUPPORT GROUP: Why it has been shown that people in groups have much better results than individuals.
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    PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: You will have to spend hours in the gym or run miles to lose weight!
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    SUPPLEMENTATION: Supplements. Because not only our body needs kcal to live. Because every day our body needs a range of nutrients to function well, to have good health, humor and energy.

Is a dietician/nutritionist required if I have a body transformation plan?

The Program will be designed by a certified Personal trainer and Nutritionist, who will understand your goals and medical history. You don’t need to hire any dietician or nutritionist. 

What is the most effective strategy to loose weight?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss. Losing weight is dependent on the person who is attempting to reach the goal. Whether you require a food restriction or a rigorous fitness routine, it all depends on your body type and unique medical conditions (if you suffer from any)

Is it necessary for me to take any supplements?

Supplements are recommended by the trainer based on your fitness goals. Do not take any supplements without consulting with a qualified fitness trainer. Brands and supplements that are safe to take will also be recommended by an expert.

How much weight can I lose by working out with a transformation plan?

Losing weight is dependent not just on activity but also on eating. It also depends on the amount of weight you want to reduce. A coach may also advise you on what basic diet to follow while tailoring a workout routine that is right for you. Within a month, you should be able to see visible effects.

How much would it cost me to access my transformation plan?

Rest assured that our personal trainers are less expensive than the competition and can accommodate any budget. We allow you to select the price range in which you are most comfortable and then present you with the best options within that price range.

How can you find the perfect coach for me?

Our top aim is to find you a coach who is a good fit for your personality, fitness level, and goals. We also consider current ailments, health issues, and gender preferences (male or female). Using the information provided above, we match you with a personal trainer who we believe will be a good fit for you.

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