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With our personalized child nutrition service

Dietician and Nutritionist for Kids

Dietician for Kids and Baby

With a good diet from childhood, we can prevent numerous diseases, from diabetes to reducing the risk of cancer in adulthood.
Pathologies (constipation, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, etc.), intolerances, food acceptance problems or food phobias, complementary feeding (Beikost, BLW, BLISS, etc.), acquisition of healthy habits, treatment of childhood underweight, overweight, or obesity.
Nutrition education is the basis of all child nutrition consultations. We help families to improve children’s relationship with food and to achieve adequate healthy habits. Through nutritional education activities, they learn to eat healthy, to identify and put into practice good healthy habits, without pressure or restrictions.
In each session, a healthy nutritional plan or guidelines will be delivered (previously worked on in consultation with the children so as not to generate rejection or frustration) adapted to the needs, and conditions, and taking into account the tastes of our youngest patients.

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Within the child nutrition sessions we treat cases of:

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    dren is optimal and correct for their age and characteristics.Complementary feeding . We advise and guide the start and progress of feeding babies. We work with all kinds of complementary feeding methods: Beikost, BLISS, BLW... To provide a service that is most adapted to each family.
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    Food acceptance . We help manage the famous "NO", phobias or rejections of any type of food. This aspect is worked on in consultation through play and dialogue.
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    Clinical nutrition. Dietetic-nutritional treatment of intolerances, allergies, constipation, diabetes, etc. We help children with pathologies to take care of their diet and emphasize certain aspects that condition their health. Always guaranteeing that their nutritional needs are covered from the start.
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    Nutrition in adolescence . The hormonal changes typical of this stage can cause imbalances in weight or problems at the hormonal level that influence food. A healthy diet will be key to a good development in this stage of preadolescence and adolescence.
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    Treatment of overweight and/or obesity . The method used for these cases focuses on the flexibility and participation of the child or adolescent, avoiding dietary restrictions and feelings of obligation from the outset. Dialogue, involvement and play is also a key point.
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    Underweight treatment . The concern about not gaining the right weight worries a lot to fathers and mothers. Through a healthy diet we cover all energy and nutritional needs so that there is no deficiency and the development of chil.
Dietician & Nutritionist for Kids

How do we start working?

Step 1: First visit

The protagonists of the child nutrition sessions are the children, which is why part of the questions will be addressed to them, to encourage their involvement in this process.

We will start with a nutritional questionnaire where we talk about your health (possible pathologies, medication, digestive problems…), extracurricular activities, physical activity (hours of physical education per week and/or extracurricular sports activities), schedules (both during the week and on weekends). of the week), objectives (to know what led you to go to the consultation, if they really want to be there or are forced to) and we will talk about their feelings, desire, motivation, etc.

We continue with a dietary record, in order to know what your diet is like. From this moment, we start working on their healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks, with our help they are the ones who choose their favorite healthy options. This favors their motivation and involvement during the process.

Finally, if necessary, we weigh them, measure them and take some perimeters, to assess their physical condition.

In all the sessions a personalized nutritional diet plan will be delivered and very pleasant for them. In the case of staying in the school cafeteria, dinners will be adapted to this menu so that the total balance of the day is balanced and correct for your needs.

Step 2: Follow-up visits

After this first visit, we will carry out a follow-up of the case.

The frequency of these follow-up consultations will depend on the child, the situation they are in, and the decision of the parents or guardians. We usually discuss it on the first day.
During these sessions, we value the evolution, sensations, and feelings of the little ones.

We will take the perimeters, measurements, and weights again to keep track.
In all the follow-up sessions we will do a very fun and entertaining nutritional education activity.
From the Center, we help you with the feeding of your children.
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The foundations of a correct diet are forged in childhood

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    Learn to eat healthy in a fun way and without obligations or prohibitions.
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    Improves the health of the smallest of the house.
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    We help you with complementary feeding (with crushed, with BLW or with BLISS).
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    I work from a nutritional education approach.
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    Menu planning based on schedules, activities and school time.
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    Strategies and resources to teach healthy eating to the little ones.
  • Delivery and work of complementary material to learn to eat healthy.

KEY POINTS: At FitSquad Program you will find-

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    Diet adapted and personalized for you.
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    ccompaniment during your change process.
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    Different materials adapted to your needs and objectives.
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    A learning that will be for your whole life.
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    Results, and without regaining lost weight.
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    Motivation and help from the best professionals.
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    Nutritionists and psychologists qualified and experienced in each specialty.


When should I take my child to a nutritionist?

From the FitSquad Nutrition Center, we encourage you to bring your little ones whenever you feel like it. We help you establish and improve your eating habits, improve acceptance of different foods, prevent diseases in adulthood, etc.

My son/daughter doesn't pay attention to me when it comes to meals, and they are always a conflict, what can I do?

We can help you!. In consultation we give you guidelines, tips and tricks to ensure that your child eats healthy and balanced, and thus the time of lunch and dinner ceases to be a family conflict.

How long does it take to acquire good habits? How many sessions will we need?

Until we get to know each other and learn about your goals and needs, we cannot answer this question. But don’t worry, because after the first date we can talk about it.

Are the menus of your school and/or nursery school taken into account?

Of course, we always ask you to send us the menu so that we can work on it in consultation and adapt the menu or guidelines that we give you.

If we want a change of habits for the whole family, can we go to this type of consultation?

For this we have family sessions, which is advice that we always recommend, since it is important that we lead by example. In these sessions we do a lot of nutrition education activities to acquire healthy habits as a family. In addition, we prepare an adapted family plan.

In what cases can this service help my child?

In cases of non-acceptance of certain foods, allergies, intolerances, and digestive problems. We can help you to have a healthy diet, balanced for each stage, and that your child grows up in good health and has energy for his day-to-day life.

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