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Home Training Program

FitSquad's Home Training Plan

The FitSquad home training plan around your goals, rankings, daily activities, and weekly availability. Our recommendation is to do at least 3 days of strength training and include it in your heart rate exercise.The weekly workout plan outlines all the activities that will take place during the session, as well as a brief description of the images/videos and rehearsals and arrangements that you must make. You will also want to update this weekend plan for four weeks.

After four weeks, the plan changes will be automatic. If you wish to cancel the renewal, you may do so at any time up to five days prior to the renewal date.

Exercise is designed at home so that it can be done with less equipment and is more beneficial for the body. As you can see on the web, you only need 4kg dumbbells, small bands, and anti-slip. center;”

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Home Training Programe

The indoor gym is designed for those who, due to lack of time or other resources, cannot access the gym. This type of strategy is supported based on the customer’s objectives, needs, and availability. To do this, you need at least the required hardware and a lot of ambition. This type of plan is ideal for those new to the world of health or those who do not want physical fitness. Home appliances have their limitations, so, after some time has elapsed and depending on the individual’s intentions, we recommend that it be accompanied by training in the gym.

The human body does not have much appreciation and seeing short-term results is complex. At the FitSquad Team, we work every day to ensure that those who follow our plans can see their progress and feel motivated to move forward. persistence, effort and desire are needed to face a strategy of this type. Despair is the first reason we need to stop it, and in order to avoid it, we need to make our goals clear and the complexity of achieving them.



The initiative by the FitSquad team is to help people around the world change their behavior and live healthier lives. We want to transform your body through healthy eating and living an active lifestyle.

Food and training must go hand in hand if we are to seek change. To see results, it is very important that in addition to following a training plan, we combine it with the right diet.

If we follow a specific training pattern and do not control our diet, we will not be able to see results. When we seek to achieve a goal, everything is involved. We are what we eat, take care of your diet, and you will get healthy.

To complete a training plan to regain shape at home, all you need is the desire and the necessary equipment. When a person is confronted with change, the higher their progress, the more they will depend on their actions. We will experience a change in endurance, hard work, and perseverance. It will be difficult at first, but once you start to see results, it will be easier. For this reason, we must be consistent and not discouraged. Despair is one of the main reasons for abandonment and we should avoid it at all costs.

A home exercise program will help you at the beginning of your transition as well as keep you healthy. When it comes to having the right motive and the obvious, perhaps there will come a time when it would be nice to organize your training in a different way. Most of the time, after getting the training level and some of the requirements, people start training in the gym

Key Points

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    A personalized workout plan is given to the person, showing the exercises name, reps, sets and cooldown.
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    The controls are weekly, to see how the body responds and make the necessary changes to lose weight properly and healthily.
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    We do not give products to help you lose weight, but we can recommend that you take fiber to calm anxiety, or if you have a lot of fluid retention, drink an infusion.
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    workout plan designed on the strength and endurance level.


What is the duration of home personal training plan?

All our plans have a duration of 4 weeks. After four weeks, it is recommended to continue with the renewals to continue evolving and to be able to achieve the desired objectives.


What does the plan include?

It is a training focused on home and organized in a complete week, which you must repeat during the 4 weeks of duration. In the plan, all the exercises to be executed and the series and repetitions to be performed are detailed, as well as a video or image along with a brief explanation. The necessary material will be the following:

  • A pair of dumbbells (4 kg if you are a beginner).
  • Long elastic bands with grip.
  • Step or bench. You can also use a sofa or chair.

How much weight can I lose in a month?

There is no clear answer to this question. It depends on your current weight and how you follow the given plan. On average, our subscribers lose up to 5 pounds [5 kg] in one month.

When will I see the results?

Just as eating disorders can have a devastating effect on the body, so too can eating healthy. It may not be a relaxing feeling, but you will start to feel better, more energetic, and less in a week or two of following a diet and exercise. Weight loss, or more fat loss, is a product. If you follow this plan, you will get results.

What type of exercise is recommended?

Any type of exercise such as weight training, HIIT, running, yoga, etc. That is recommended for what is exciting and fun for you. There are no clear answers to these questions. Everyone is different and their needs are different.

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