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Personalized Online Diet Plan Without Leaving Home

Maintaining a healthy weight is not an easy task, questions like what to eat ?, What in common to do ?, When to eat any food ?, and how many calories do I really need? They are usually the same, but consulting a professional for answers is not always an option.

Can you imagine how good it would be to get the services of an online diet from the comfort of your own home? Receiving advice on your planned diet and your healthy weight now is thanks to our online service.

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Advantages of Having an Online Nutritionist:

  • ADVICEYou will receive advice and customized diet based on the results you want to achieve. video conference Video chat services provide you with the same process and cost as face-to-face visits.
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    VIDEO CONFERENCEThe videoconferencing service that offers you the same methodology and the same price as face-to-face visits.
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    EASY OF PAYMENTWe offer easy payment, since you can make your amount through Bank Transfer or with your mobile, through Bizum.
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    PENDING YOUR HEALTHIf you have any health problems, such as cholesterol, diabetes, Crohn's disease, etc... you can send your blood test report by email.
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    FEW REQUIREMENTSYou don't need to have anything from the other world for our treatment, you will only need a scale, a tape measure and a good internet connection.
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    TELEPHONEIf new technologies are not your thing, don't worry as our services can also be performed by a simple phone call.
personalized online diet plan

Join FitSquad's Slimming Process

Our goal is for you to be successful in changing your current eating habits for the better.

We do clinical history where it is decided if you are suffering from any illness. We will also take food history to find out how to eat your food. Finally, you should tell us your size in the morning, as well as your contour size on the same day we did the internet visit. Next, we will describe some tips in general, which are good eating habits.

At the next visit, we will send you and explain your customized food.

Control will be weekly if you are losing weight, so we can find out how your body reacts to the diet and be able to make the necessary changes to lose weight.

Do you still have questions?

Don’t worry, it’s fair to be sceptical when it comes to hiring a dietitian or nutritionist online, but we are sure that through our services with our system, you will lose weight in a healthy way without starting to eat food that is wasting your energy. ahu. Dietary and therapeutic nutrition

Our online nutritionist will provide you with the right advice to help and learn you what to eat well. You will learn to eat well. If you want to lose weight, you have to do it well, avoiding fertilizer foods and their consequences.

Nutritional Education and Therapeutic Diets

Our online service offers you the appropriate advice so that you learn to eat correctly. You will learn good eating habits. If you want to lose weight, you will do it in a healthy way, thus avoiding miracle diets and their consequences.

This dietary supplement is for children, adolescents, adults, pregnant women, the elderly, vegetarians, vegans, and athletes because thus, they can improve their performance and prevent injury. Also, food for obesity is good. If we look at therapeutic diets, they not only cover health problems such as obesity and overweight. They are made for all types of pathologies such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hiatal Hernia
  • etc…


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    The weekly diet plan contains calorie information.
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    In-depth advice weekly.
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    Support and advice from chat.
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    The recipe video is simple.
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    List of spices.
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    Exercise tips plan free video.
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    Fun activity every week for inspiration.
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    Weekly approval for quality.
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    Get the chance to join the Facebook FitSquad team.


What type of food should be provided in the meal plan?

Our food includes homemade ingredients. No beverages cut down on fats or fertilizer additives.

How often should my diet change?

Fresh food will be given every seven or fifteen days if necessary. A food chart will be created based on a careful review of last week’s progress.

I have tried many food programs in the past but nothing works or gained weight. How is your program different?

We believe in its support so, through this program, we are working on eating habits in your lifestyle. The foods supplied promote homemade Indian food products. We teach our clients to understand their physical needs and make them understand their own bodies and needs. Achieving health, flexibility, and believing in FitSquad is something we really value.

How much money can I lose in a month?

There is no clear answer to this question. It depends on your current weight and how you follow the given plan. On average, our subscribers lose up to 5 pounds [5 kg] in one month.

When will I see the results?

Just as eating disorders can have a devastating effect on the body, so too can eating healthy. It may not be a relaxing feeling, but you will start to feel better, more energetic, and less in a week or two of following a diet and exercise. Weight loss, or more fat loss, is a product. If you follow this plan, you will get results.

What type of exercise is recommended?

Any type of exercise such as weight training, HIIT, running, yoga, etc. That is recommended for what is exciting and fun for you. There are no clear answers to these questions. Everyone is different and their needs are different.

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