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In a world where there is increasing awareness of following a healthy life and taking care of yourself, the figure of the personal trainer is taking on a very important space. There are many people who decide to put themselves in the hands of a professional in order to achieve their goals. This is also due to the need that arises when you go to train and do not know the correct way to execute each exercise. With a personal trainer, you will be able to carry out training according to your abilities and, in addition, you will ensure that your training is carried out correctly.

At FitSquad Team we make online training plans so that everyone can access FitSquad’s training style from anywhere in the world. We have training programs for both the gym and home. Not everyone has time to go to the gym or even has one within their reach. In this case and with a minimum of required material, you can do training from home.

Our team provides you with all the information you will need to tackle your exercises correctly. The good execution of your training is key to achieving your goals. The plan is formulated based on the objective of each person, as well as their level and their availability to follow it. Our recommendation is to do at least 3 days of strength training and combine it with cardiovascular exercise.


FitSquad is a team of graduated nutritionists who, led by Mohd Wasique, work daily to develop personalized advice plans according to the needs of each person.

At FitSquad we think that nutrition can change people’s lives. As the guide and base of our body, our diet is very important. We are what we eat and therefore we believe that a varied and balanced diet is the key to achieving goals.

Our plans are adapted to the needs of each person, so that our clients can achieve the best version of themselves.

We have monthly and intensive nutritional programs by nutritionists with great experience. Although both are effective, monthly plan, followed in the long term, guarantees a healthy lifestyle and will make you acquire habits that will accompany you forever.

The nutrition plans consist of a weekly menu in which all the meals that must be made during a week are indicated. All foods and their respective quantities will be indicated on the menu. Supplementation is optional. If you want to take it, a nutritionist from our team will tell you which products to take, how, and when based on your needs.

FitSquad does not diet, it teaches people to organize their diet in a way that gives their body what it really needs. Our system is based on advising the client from the moment he arrives at our website so that the choice of plan is appropriate.

Once you have contracted the plan, you contact our team who, according to your needs, generate your plan. FitSquad’s main goal is to help people change their lifestyles. Living an experience with our team must mean more than just going on a diet. We want to help you achieve the best version of yourself and that, together with us, you are able to start your new lifestyle.

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