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Weight Loss Program

Best Dietician for Weight Loss in India: Diet to Lose Weight

Obesity is a chronic disease characterized by excessive body fat, in whole or in part, which causes obesity. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), obesity and obesity should be considered a global disease. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

The goal of treating overweight or obese people is to acquire good health habits, both in terms of diet and exercise.

We will make adjustments for each individual’s needs and we will provide you with personal treatment, not only according to age but also your personal situation of finding yourself.

weight Loss Program


Global obesity treatment includes, as we have mentioned, a balanced diet, relatively hypocaloric and moderate, individual exercise programs, opportunities that include medication therapy, and nutrition education to support obedience and recommended treatment.

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Their daily intake of calories from what they burn by 500–1000 calories until they lose weight between 0.5–1 kg per week approximately.Every 452 A gram of body fat stores about 3,500 calories, but there is no guarantee that each elimination of 3,500 calories from the diet leads to a loss of 452 grams of weight, due to the influence of a number of factors in the amount of weight loss (or gain), and In the following examples:

The body begins to use energy more efficiently (possibly to protect it from starvation) when weight is lost so that fewer calories are burned and less fat is broken down for energy.

The amount of fat and weight loss varies from person to person, even when burning the same number of calories. Therefore, it is difficult to predict how much fat and weight a person can lose.

Most obesity diets include eating an average of 1,200 to 1,400 calories per day. When rapid weight loss is required, less than 1000 calories can be consumed. These foods should be followed under supervision. The doctor should make sure that the food contains enough nutrients, including protein. It is difficult to tolerate eating less than 800 calories, it is not recommended to apply it without health care.

The FitSquad team will help you define your health goals and suggest the best plan to achieve them. When you sign up for our program, one of our mature and experienced team members will take you under their wing to accompany you on your entire journey. Not only does this help you achieve your goals, but you also learn how to maintain your health by making the right choices and developing lasting habits.


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What type of food should be provided in the meal plan?

Our food includes homemade ingredients. No beverages cut down on fats or fertilizer additives.

How often should my diet change?

Fresh food will be given every seven or fifteen days if necessary. A food chart will be created based on a careful review of last week’s progress.

I have tried many food programs in the past but nothing works or gained weight. How is your program different?

We believe in its support so, through this program, we are working on eating habits in your lifestyle. The foods supplied promote homemade Indian food products. We teach our clients to understand their physical needs and make them understand their own bodies and needs. Achieving health, flexibility, and believing in FitSquad is something we really value.

How much money can I lose in a month?

There is no clear answer to this question. It depends on your current weight and how you follow the given plan. On average, our subscribers lose up to 5 pounds [5 kg] in one month.

When will I see the results?

Just as eating disorders can have a devastating effect on the body, so too can eating healthy. It may not be a relaxing feeling, but you will start to feel better, more energetic, and less in a week or two of following a diet and exercise. Weight loss, or more fat loss, is a product. If you follow this plan, you will get results.

What type of exercise is recommended?

Any type of exercise such as weight training, HIIT, running, yoga, etc. That is recommended for what is exciting and fun for you. There are no clear answers to these questions. Everyone is different and their needs are different.

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